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First crafted in 2010, when a family holiday to the beautiful shores of Aquitaine in South West France energised artist and owner Kate to recreate the colours and feelings invoked by coastal beauty as inspiring décor for the home. The Protea Poms range has been influenced both by the seasons at home in Cornwall and the discovery of new shores on family travels. Enjoyed by all who wish to bring coastal beauty into the home.  

Being committed to the ocean and environment, Kate decided to use natural materials wherever possible. British Merino and Corriedale Wool are supported by twines which are handcrafted to create a feeling of nature across the range. A central theme in designing the product was to try and play a part in sustainability. 

Originally made as gifts to friends and family, repeated requests from those who had seen the Poms enabled Kate to evolve the business to the success it is today, where the range are stocked in select boutiques in Cornwall and available online.

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